czwartek, 6 marca 2014

Full Melodic Minor lesson from John Stowell

Melodic Minor Lesson:

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Lage Lund Clinics

Along Came Betty

                                                                  Darn that dream


    Stella by Starlight

On Green Dolphin Street

sobota, 1 marca 2014

Tim Miller & Mick Goodrick - Stella By Starlight

                                         Tim Miller & Mick Goodrick - Stella By Starlight

I'm transcribing this cool part with arpeggios ( starting at 2:42) - Soon available ! on the site :)

wtorek, 5 lutego 2013

Kurt Rosenwinkel Pentatonics

Kurt Rosenwinkel tritone pentatonics

 I hear it from Kurt few times. He played this shape descending with legato on C7 chord. You can practice it with picking every note, and legato. It's combination a C major and Gb major pentatonics.

It's whole-tone scale :)

Slonimsky Tritone patterns


    Slonimsky Tritone patterns for guitar

#1 pattern we can use on dominant 7th chord like:
G7 in pattern we have = 1,5,b9,#11
Bb7- natural enclosure [half step below] of 3rd and 7th of the chord (D and Ab)
And other applications...

wtorek, 22 stycznia 2013

At the beginning videos from Kurt Rosenwinkel Clinic in Gdansk.

#1 Technique and timing problems

#2 The Language of Music

#3 Chord melody over "Body and Soul"

#4 "Ruby My Dear" improvisation

#5 Technique and timing problems


#6 Articulation and phrasing


#7 About legato